------------ Wilbur shows Europe how to fly.

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The clip opens with Wilbur checking the launching rail for the flyer. After attaching wheels to the plane,
the flyer is moved to the launching rail. Workers pull on a rope to hoist the launching weight. The
engines are started. As the weight drops, it boosts the Flyer into the air. The flyer then gains altitude,
and makes a pass by the photographer.

Onboard with Wilbur Wright.

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This film was taken in Italy on April 24, 1907. It is the first time a motion picture was ever shot from a
plane in flight. The footage shows what it was like to fly on one of the early Wright craft, with Wilbur
at the helm. The clip opens with the launching, then the plane climbs, levels off, and passes over the
flight grounds.

Former President Roosevelt takes his first flight.

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Former President Theodore Roosevelt watches a Wright flyer make some acrobatic swoops from the
comfort of his limousine. To everyone's surprise, the "Bull Roarer" decides to take a flight. He then
climbs aboard the plane, which flies by the camera, then lands. Watch out for those wires, Teddy!

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